Get below market rental spaces for
your church or non-profit.

Make more room in your bottom line.

A Networking Culture for Collaborative Care

Non-profits have to spend the dollars generously donated to them for the services they provide ON OFFICE SPACE and UTILITIES. North Texas rent and power fees have increased tremendously. At Gaston Christian Center, we provide space for $11 per sq. ft., which is less than half of the average. We provide full tenant services so our partners can spend the donated dollars they’ve received on the most important work – the work they were called to – for our community.

“Each organization at Gaston Christian Center inspires me with their passion and spirit as
they serve North Texas.”

– Nataly Sorenson, Executive Director

There are over 23,000 non-profits
in north Texas.

Most of them are small organizations trying to stretch every dollar for their cause but the average office space rent is over $24 a sq. ft. We charge less than half of that!

Creating a place for multi-ethnic churches.

The people in these congregations have literally come from all over the world. Many choose to come to our country but there are some who had to flee their country to make new home in a foreign land.

We help non-profits have a home.

Non-profits have to spend their donated dollars to pay for their offices and utilities. We provide space for $11 a sq. ft. which is
less than half of the average. We provide full services so these ministries can spend their donations on their important work.